Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Break

Well, it's March Break here.  I have to admit I've been a bit stymied this week on what to post.   Here is what I have on my list of books I've read and haven't reviewed yet:

The Flying Troutmans, Miriam Toews
The Day The Falls Stood Still, Cathy Buchanan
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
Unmarketing, Scott Stratten
Evil Plans, Hugh MacLeod
Sing You Home, Jodi Picoult

Here's my dilemma.  The Flying Troutmans and The Day the Falls Stood Still were also YMBC picks and we had the discussions long ago.  I feel like full reviews are a bit late.  Everyone has read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and the rest of the series) so I don't think I can say anything substantial that would make for a compelling review.  Unmarketing and Evil Plans are more on the business side of things and I have been considering saving reviews of them for the relaunch of the blog on my business site (whenever I can get that done).  Lastly, Sing You Home is for another YMBC chat and it's not scheduled until March 30 so I don't want to jump the gun on that one.

What do I do?  How 'bout this:

The Flying Troutmans: While A Complicated Kindness was not really my thing (I wrote about it here), I absolutely loved The Flying Troutmans.  It's really the story of trying to keep a family together, in my opinion.  Worth it simply for Toew's creation of the sweet and heartbreaking little girl Thebes.

The Day the Falls Stood Still: To call it a love story is to belittle Buchanan's painstaking attention to detail on the history of Niagara Falls.  The love story is beautiful but so is Buchanan's depiction of the Falls, a character in its own right.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:  Fun, although the pace was uneven in my opinion.  The last third was a rush, but the build up felt laborious.  Doug wasn't keen on the second book (although it too gets raves).  I'm in no hurry to read any more.

Sing You Home Jodi Picoult's shiny new book (thank you Simon & Schuster for the comp copy!). It's shiny and new.  That's all I'll say until after March 30.

I think I'll save Unmarketing for my business blog but tackle Evil Plans next week.  There are both life and business lessons to be learned from @gapingvoid's latest effort.

In other news, it feels like spring is finally in the air!


Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for letting me know about The Flying Troutmans, I actually liked Complicated Kindness but my bookclub did not. Good to know it is one I can recommend!

Nikki said... [Reply to comment]

@Michelle Thanks for commenting Michelle. I don't think you can go wrong with Flying Troutmans. I thought Complicated Kindness was exceptionally well written, I just couldn't get into the plot or characters. Strange, I know.

Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

I here you- but I loved the .... oddness of the main character and the writting style. Just getting into Best Laid Plains tonight!! Cant wait with all the snow we got today!!!