Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Chick Lit

It's too bad summer is over (maybe not technically but the temperature says it all) because Remember Me from Sophie Kinsella (of the Shopaholic series), is a perfect girly beach book. I loved the first Shopaholic, thought the second was okay and was tired of it by the third book. My friend Michelle lent me this at a great time because I just wanted something light and fun. Remember Me fit the bill completely.

Party girl with crap job gets into an accident on the night her boyfriend stood her up and cracks her head. She wakes up in the hospital thinking it's the next day but it's really 3 years later! What she doesn't realize is that she is in hospital after suffering a head injury in a car accident. Now she is posh, driven, fitness maniac and married to a gorgeous and wealthy real estate developer and doesn't remember anything about her life or how she got there. This is probably a good thing considering she is also known as an icy bitch and alienated all of her friends in her climb to the top.

This is the Kinsella I like. Remember Me is fresh, funny, silly, narcissistic, catty with good looking boys, loyal friends, designer clothes and a crazy mother. This gave me a good giggle.

Remember Me
Sophie Kinsella
Dell Publishing