Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog Roll Please

One of my great reading pleasures while on the road is to catch up on my favourite blogs. It’s a great way to kill time in an airport when you have a 3 to 4 hour stop over or your flight is delayed. WIFI access is usually pretty cheap and it crushes the boredom factor.

Most of the time, I find blogs through friends although sometimes I find them on my own (or more accurately I stumble across them). You’ll notice I have reorganized a bit to have a blog roll list that is separate from my favourite links.

For better or worse, here’s my blog roll:

More ‘Mo: Maureen Holloway’s Blog: Maureen Holloway is an announcer on Q107 (the classic rock radio station in Toronto). Actually she appears across Canada. I think she is hilarious. She is gossipy and a little risqué and she can hang with the boys. I try and read her everyday but if I am away, I save up so I can have a great laugh.

WTF?: This is the blog of another radio announcer in Toronto. The whole premise is to point out outrageous situations that just make you say: WTF? (aka What the F**k?). Sometimes goofy but always gives me a chuckle.

Ladybug Studio: Just the daily observations of a woman I don’t know. Maureen Holloway mentioned it on her blog so I checked it out. It’s amazing how I could become invested in the life of a perfect stranger. But she’s funny and by the way she writes I could be friends with her. (Although I know I am not her friend…I’m not some blog stalker or anything like that)

Gaping Void: Hugh McLeod is this web marketing guy who has written some interesting tomes on marketing in the Web 2.0 world (GEEK ALERT!). He also draws business card cartoons which although sometimes vulgar are absolutely hilarious. I find his observations on marketing, creativity, etc. make me think outside of my world and I like that.

Seth Godin: Seth Godin is one of those guru guys who has written a million books on being creative, successful, extraordinary in marketing and business. He sometimes is repetitive but I like his writing style and like Hugh McLeod he gives me pause for thought. He can be pretty funny sometimes too.

Scott Adams Dilbert Blog: The Dilbert cartoonist’s observations on life, current events, our own existence. Need I say more?

Becoming a Foodie: I found this as it scrolled by on a blog list while I was doing some maintenance on Blogger. This woman decided she wanted to become a foodie and is chronicling her process. She talks about food she tries, suggests recipes and takes some really cool pictures. I just started reading it but I am becoming a huge fan.

GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT - Perez Hilton: A pure Hollywood gossip site. Paparazzi photos and comments on A-Z list celebrities complete with profane doodles and comments. It is complete trash and I am a complete addict.

Ironically – I am writing this post sitting in Charles De Gaulle airport waiting for my flight home which is delayed and my wireless connection is not working. I’ll have to sneak away when I get home so I can catch up on what I missed.